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Our DesigN Services

We offer Residential Design Services tailored to builders of new construction for the purpose of resale in the residential real estate market.

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Fusing trending design elements with timeless appeal, we work with many Charlotte area home builders from beginning to final sale.

We begin by consulting on-site planning, floor plans and elevations, making all interior design feature selections (materials, fixtures, colors & textures), and more. We pull it together to create stunning and innovative home designs for the Charlotte Metro home market.

Through our years of working directly with buyers and sellers and listening to their needs, we've gained the experience to advise on home elements and features that attract the most buyers and command the highest sale price.


Our design aesthetic is best characterized as organic - with elements that are fresh and appeal to local home buyers.  We design with a clear style imprint for every builder that sets each home apart so no two projects look the same.


From Craftsman to Modern and everything in between, projects by Indigo Home consistently sell for the highest prices.


With a reputation for excellence, originality and creative expression, your projects will be elevated to reflect the leading edge in Charlotte Residential Design.


2833 Holt Street
Villa Heights

2829 Holt Street
Villa Heights

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